Full Flavor, a famous Yen-ta-four noodle brand. The restaurant located at 6th floor, Emquartie Shopping Center, BKK. Open on October 2015

A popular PINK sauce Thai noodle, called "YEN-TA-FOUR", the charming of local Thai food as Thai people recognized is a street restaurant in a commercial building close to the main road with a old school square tiles and Thai craft glazed tile. This restaurant inspired by the old school local noodle shop merged with the modern mood and trendy tone.

From the entrance we created the front door simplify by the Thai old commercial building of last 40-50 years ago.

On the right hand side you would see the bar decorated with normal square tiles hand paint with pink splash inspired from YEN-TA-FOUR sauce.

Look closely to the floor pattern would be the handmade glazed tiles like the old style Thai house.

Details on the side wall with the white square tiles, grout with shiny pink is the gimmick of YEN-TA-FOUR sauce, with the fake window paint with the gradient colour from pink to blue and at the back of the shop we decorated with the jar of a plant to make the shop more soft and eco friendly.

The pink lamp inspired by the pink noodle in the pink soup.

Furniture design make it close to old school furniture using all wood.