The design objective of the back view is that as time changes, so does the functions and mood. We envision a difference in experience in a single space with the concept of reversing—presenting the sky below and the ocean above. Subsequently, we tried to find a way to transpose the expanse, leading to the techniques of creating reflections. From the entrance hall, the polished stone floor is fused with glossy mirrors. The expansive buffet line that includes a reflective glass ceiling transforms into a bar for nighttime hangouts. A storage shelf also serves as a sofa and space divider—its functions alter according to usage needs no matter for dining or for social gathering purposes. Furniture pieces used are translucent so that it casts fluidity across the space. On the outdoor zone, the huge stainless bar reflects the environs—the day’s sky and clouds—onto the dining tables.

At night, once the front door shuts, the letters spelling ‘COBALT’ will be reflected upwards. The space converts into a deep blue bar underneath the ocean. A giant door wall prompts guests towards a smaller, dark blue entrance. The polished stone floors, fused with mirrors, glimmers with the movements of the lights. Inside, the same buffet line now transforms into bar stools, creating a drastic change of mood. Dim lights and lined lightings guide the eyes across the space. Moving and changing colors are casted onto the seating’s fabric, dancing with the jellyfish graphics on display—as if sitting underneath the ocean. At the same time, cars that drive pass will also catch sight of the movements within the space.

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