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Location : Major Ratchayothin, Bangkok, THAILAND

Designer in Charge : Piyapak Vatanasrimongkol &Thanapa Mekmeka

Design team : Studio PLP Co., Ltd.


Built area : 85.0 sqm

Project Year : 2017

Manufacturers : Archiculture Inter Group Co., Ltd.

Completion (date) : Jan 2017

Photographer : Harin Na Pompetch

Party in the incredibly detailed campfire party themed design by Studio PLP Co., Ltd.

When we were kids – we have a dream to fly in the sky to find and to see the secret in the jungle like Peter!

Imagine you fly yourself from the city to the jungle and have campfire party with your friends. Experiencing the minimal surreal fantasy café in the hart of Bangkok, slowly walk into the space and look around the urban jungle created with imagination of walking into the jungle- all details like stand in the middle of the urban jungle next to the campfire party with your close friends and family and we all ready to party until late night.

Look closely to each interesting elements with distinctive details that communicate well with the user.

From the entrance area, you would meet the big playful signage with the word “Life is short. Eat dessert first” which hang from the ceiling – in the eye level which grab attention from the people who walk pass around shop front area, also the TV screen with the moving dessert graphic and the warm white light like the light of the warm sun in the jungle.

Coming into the seating area, up to the ceiling you would see the big white lamp with the red stripe which inspired from the tent that we going to stay in there, this inspiration easily find when we go camping with our friends.

next to the entrance area, the visitors would meet the giant maple tree bar cabinet which definitely inspired from the giant maple tree you can easily find it in the jungle – which gives you a clam and warm feeling together with the falling leaves drift by the maple tree, which the falling leaves made from the piece of pine wood.

the seating area can tell more story about the campfire party, people sitting and sharing the same blow of dessert and chitchat like a real camping party, this joyful and happy moment make the user feel clam and exciting at the same time.

The concrete paint wall inspired by the mountain in the jungle which have a falling leaves decorative around the wall area.

Notice the short stool in pink, grey and blue represent the mushroom that’s growing around the jungle.

The balloon zone is the special private party zone which have a lighting which inspired from balloon in the party and booth seating with mirror wall zoning the area.

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