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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Inspiration : Modern Colonial Edginess

Concept : Maison d'Hanoi

The site location at Hanoi, Vietnam - this boutique is multi-brand retail store in TTP mall. Hanoi for us is the charming city and inspiring the sense of Asian heritage, so this is inspired us to make a new house of Hanoi by mix the local senses with the futuristic and edginess feeling by using the material to interpret the heritage to modern ;- "Rose gold stucco painting" came from the idea that the surface of the wall of old Vietnam houses always look a bit dirt and the texture not so smooth. "Marble" interpreted from the luxurious architecture. "Stainless Rose Gold" and "Rosegold mirror"came from the Phoenix- Phoenix interpret to women who has a edginess, luxury and classy style. "Wood" interpreted to the Asian Heritage.

before the boutique opening.

VIP room for evening gown.

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