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SOI 16

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Creative adaptations, a beautiful mess and plenty of great fun are the playful combination reflected in this building, designed by Studio PLP Co., Ltd.

SOI 16 is a pub and music venue in the famous nightlife street known as Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. Influenced by the essence of Thai architectural design, triple-gables are used as the main structure of the building, along with clay roof tiles lining the front gable. The check and stripy façade, borrowed from the pattern of the Pa Kao Ma (traditional Thai sarong), plays well with the mess of electrical wires in front of the site.

“Our intention was to make this building like a street Thai Sala, combining many fun Thai gimmicks and cultural characteristics,” the architect said.

Once visitors step inside, they immediately notice the fun and cheerful atmosphere that was inspired by the lively environment of a traditional Thai fresh market. The seats are made out of fruit crates, the DJ booth is based on a truck that delivers fruit to the fresh market, while the tables are made from road signs. The kitchen and cashier areas are designed to look like market stalls, while the typography used throughout the club was inspired by the font used on the stickers that are ubiquitous to delivery trucks in Thailand. All of these quirky details reflect the fresh market theme.

The design of the club’s restrooms is influenced by market butchers, with white and red tiles, neon signs of meat, fish and poultry, and a general atmosphere like the interior of a giant fridge. The restroom signs are Sita and Hanuman, famous characters from the Ramayana.

Continuing the local theme, the stairs leading to the upstairs mezzanine section of the club feature iridescent metal railings inspired by the chrome motorcycles favoured by Thai teens. The upstairs Sports Bar features pool tables and booths designed like tuk-tuk seats, but in colours that are more contemporary and chic.

SOI 16 mixes and matches aspects of local Thai street culture in a fun and playful way. This idea is reflected in the first thing that visitors see from outside the club – the bright neon “Soi 16” sign amusingly clashing with the exterior architecture! The subtle and not-so-subtle details clash and combine to make a truly modern yet local space – a space that puts well-known local details into a new context, resulting in a fun, familiar yet surprising spot for socialising.

Conceptual Idea

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