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The Renovation of MOCA Store @ Museum of Contemporary Art, BANGKOK

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

designer @pypk_original @omjtrsk @seen_rep

photo by @somethingarchitecture

“The hidden knowledge of Folding-book manuscripts, to preserve Thai local wisdom.”

As people know that we are "problem solvers", and clients need us to help them manage their limited time and budget with impact outcomes. Once clients believe in us, we gonna make it happen!

The client requested, " we need huge storage in the store so it's easy for our staff to manage the stock, and we also need a lot of display area to display our product from the artist around Thailand too.

So our first priority is the design, we need to design something easy to produce and make an impact on the store. And we need to know the client's product first, so we listed out all the SKUs, stock and equipment that they need in the store.

After listing out the products, we found out that all SKUs are so colourful and most of them are vivid colours so we think about making the store as the art background and at the same time the store has to work as an installation art itself.

We would like to bold the image of Thai contemporary art and communication between the museum and the guests so we think about using a Thai folding manuscript as an inspiration, Anything that can create an impact on the space. We choose the Thai folding manuscript because in ancient times Thais also use this to exemplify the power of the written word. They have the unique power to preserve the distinctive mental world of a person or people. Texts are often the only record of a particular worldview that has receded over time. Texts that can be dated hold the potential to capture pivotal moments in history that have shaped the present.

Inside the store, we use white and translucent materials to make the overall mood&tone look bright and emphasize the product in the store more.

Shopfront: we used tempered glass to create a craft adjusted louvre to create a sense of approach between enclosed and opening. The design adapts from the section of the Thai manuscript which has a zig-zag shape.

Display Stand: we design it as an installation art to imitate Thai folding manuscripts and place them around the store, the technique of recess corners makes the stand look more interesting.

Stock: elevation of the shop, we create that as huge storage at the back of polycarbonate sheet as the client's requested.

As you can see from the picture when no product is displayed in the store just yet, the store itself looks like installation art and once the product is placed on the product display, the store can be a good background to the store.












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