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The clock comes to a standstill as you board onto a magical flight to Enginou Play and Learn. Inspired by the enchanting island of Neverland, home of the adventure-driven Lost Boys and their leader Peter Pan, this unique toy store unveils a spellbinding and riveting space for any youthful soul. The entire decor simulates a functional, yet recreational ground where one’s creative powers come into play as exploration begins. Housed like a kingly hiding place free from all worries, a majestic treehouse greets. Imagination soars boundlessly at the sight of leaves dangling from the netted ceiling. Stars shine brightly as the little ones roam the expanse, enthusiastically inspecting the new found land. Wooden diagonal boxes with blue and yellow peep holes whimsically sit at the centre of the store, displaying the latest products while urging tiny visitors to make-believe games, climbing what may be mighty submarines, flying spacecrafts or even a giant Swiss cheese—practically anything one’s imagination suggests. Shelves of fun shapes and sizes surround the quarter exhibiting all kinds of innovative, child-friendly treasures, including books, board games, toys, miniature instruments, princess costumes and many more. Enginou Play and Learn encourages the concept of learning through playing by offering educational, yet remarkably creative products that will allow for your children to experience, discover and progress at their very own pace. Tucked away amidst the bustle of the city, embrace yourself in a thrilling escape where time is brought to a halt and both your children's and your own imaginations roam free. As Peter Pan says, “So come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned.”

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